The Secrets To Avoid A Hangover

The problem of hangover exists in every society where people are addict to alcohol or in such societies where drinking alcohol is a common thing. Being a part of such societies will surely make you suffer from hangover every next day. Whether it is a moment of joy or it is sad moment or you feel heartbroken you directly will go towards alcohol without even thinking of its harm and the harm you can face during hangover. It causes several psychological and physiological effects including some of the very typical effects like Nausea and Alcohol flush reactions, to the person who consumes alcoholic beverages. However, still many people do not think of the danger and uses alcohol, so for such people here are some very effective secret ways to avoid hangover.

  • Drink as much water as you can: A forensic chemist, PhD. Jim Woodford, who is also specializing in alcohol and drugs, explains that alcohol causes dehydration and diuretic effects. He further says that after taking alcohol your body starts to expel liquid four times than it does normally. Similarly, the author of Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide and wine expert of New York, Anthony Giglio also agrees with the fact that high consumption of water is necessary for those who drink alcohol. He also says that water is also essential for non alcoholics.
  • Don’t take dark drinks: Drinks like Rum and Red Wine are known as dark drinks which usually contain congeners. Congeners are the substances that are produced during the process of fermentation. These substances (congeners) are the main cause of hangovers. So, taking light drinks may lessen the effect of hangover.
  • Fill your stomach before a drink: Do not break out the bottle when your stomach is empty. Although alcohol contains a lot of calories but it does not mean that it a full time meal. Taking alcohol in empty stomach will make it absorb faster resulting in several side effects. So, before you go to break out a bottle make sure that your stomach is full with healthy crabs.
  • Eat scrambled eggs: eggs consist of taurine. Taurine keeps the livers safe from damage that is being caused by heavy boozing. So, eat up scrambled eggs and you can also add veggies in it to make it tastier and also for additional antioxidant power.
  • Grab Potassium: eat some potassium rich food because when you are dehydrated by alcohol you not only lose liquid from your body but you also at the same time lose electrolytes of your body. So, you in order to recovers these electrolytes have to gain a lot of potassium. You can get through Spanish or bananas as these are some of the potassium rich foods.
  • Sip ginger tea: Ginger is known for combating nausea and nausea is the effect of alcohol. So, having a ginger tea will surely help you out from nausea and will also keep your stomach fine. Mostly hangovers also occur due to upset stomach so having a mug of ginger tea will keep your tummy settled.

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The Secrets To Avoid A Hangover

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