The Most Popular Countries In The World To Visit:

The Most Popular Countries In The World To Visit:

The world we live in is full of wonderful, attractive and amazing places where many of us have not visited or even most of people haven’t still heard of those beautiful places that really exist on our planet. But people get amazed when they come to know that the places about which they haven’t heard about are in some of the most known and visited countries. Although a vast majority of people living in this world do not visit such places due to various reasons like not having enough money, due to studies, jobs etc but still there is a large number of people who take out time for international tourism only to see the beauty of nature. According to World Tourism Organization’s annual report of 2013, 1.087 billion international tourists arrived worldwide. When this was compared to the tourist’s result of 2012, a 5% increase or growth was seen as in 2012 it was 1.03 billion tourists that arrived worldwide. So, even if out of 7 billion people that exist on this globe 1.087 billion travels to see the beauty of nature it can be said that although as compared to total population it is not the majority but still it is a large number.
However, when we see such a great number of people goes for international tours it really amazes us that how small the world has become because of technologies. Yes, it is only because of technologies that we only in some hours are able to travel from one corner to another without any difficulty. We have got luxurious airplanes, tourists ships and other such means of transport to travel anywhere we wish to. If we go in past like in the era of Columbus, we may come to know only to get to Bahamas he continuously travelled for 2 months and 9 days in ships.
Anyways, let’s come to the topic and see the list that has been announced by World Tourism Organization in which it has listed the names of top 10 most visited places or countries of the world. World Tourism Organization (WTO) announced this data in 2013 according to which United Stated of America (USA) was unable to achieve the top position, instead it was France that has been listed on the 1st position as the country attracts a large population of the world towards itself. Here comes the list of the countries along with the population that visits them.

  • France: 84.7 million visitors
  • United States: 69.8 million visitors
  • Spain: 60.7 million visitors
  • China: 55.7 million visitors
  • Italy: 47.7 million visitors
  • Turkey: 37.8 million visitors
  • Germany: 31.5 million visitors
  • United Kingdom: 31.2 million visitors
  • Russia: 28.4 million visitors
  • Thailand: 26.5 million visitors

    So, as you can see the list of world’s most visited countries and who now can say that they are not aware of these countries? These are the countries about which every other person knows, people either go there for employment or for tourism.

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The Most Popular Countries In The World To Visit:

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