Popular Games Totally Kill Your Phone’s Battery

A best way to pass time in this modern age is by playing games on smart phones. There are various games that has been made by the game manufacturers like Angry Birds, Subway surfer, Highway rider, Temple run, Candy Crush and so on. The only bad thing that gamers hate to see is the message ‘low battery’ during their game play.
Why does mobile users face this problem very often when they’re playing games? before telling you the answer you should have the knowledge of battery drain rate. Battery drain rate is kind of calculator that calculates how much battery is being consumed by an app or game app. When we use games that have high graphics or when there is more interaction between gamer and app the battery drain rate is higher.

Most popular games that have high drain rate are as follows:-

– Candy Crush Saga is the most played game by the gamers its battery Drain Rate is 930mW. In this game users crush the candy of different      colours.
– Clash of Clans is popular fighting game that is found it has battery drain rate of 925mW.
– Subway Surfers is the most played game when people have to pass their free time. In this game the kid has to save himself from the                    policeman and his dog. its battery drain rate is 904mW.
– Hay day, another popular game that is found in app store. In which gamers are busy in farming and feeding their animals. its battery drain      rate is 1014mW
– Despicable Me, a very funny yet interesting game. The battery Drain Rate is 875mW
– Angry Birds, is a very popular game that has been played by almost all the gamers of this time. in which birds are really angry with green little pigs and wants to destroy their homes. Its battery drain rate is 805mW bellow average game apps.

Gamers can’t go without playing games in this modern era, so what is the solution? solution is here; Gamers should play those games which have low battery drain rate like Castle Clash, Cut the rope, Puzzle Quest 2, Crazy Larva Run, Block Gun 3D etc but wait what if the gamers want to play the game they’re already playing? well in that case gamers should do the following steps.

– Close all the apps except the game that the user is playing so that battery is not wasted.
– Turn off radio or songs when playing games
-Turn power saver on that will reduce the battery consumption
-Delete all useless widgets running.
-Turn down the brightness.
-Turn off Wi Fi and bluetooth because they both consume battery as well.

All of the games with higher drain rate mentioned above are all battery killer but by using different techniques we can save the battery or reduce battery consumption. Gamers can also place their phones on charging when they’re going to sleep, in this way they can use their phones to play game when they want to and therefore can avoid that message too…

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Popular Games Totally Kill Your Phone’s Battery

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