How To Do Exercise At Home Without Equipment

How wonderful it would be if everyone was able to afford the expenses of those fancy equipments or machines that we usually in our gyms? But unfortunately it is not possible for every person around us to afford these expenses and join a gym in order to stay physically fit. Due to this many people wait for the time to become able to afford the expenses of gyms and till then they do not give importance to exercises. This mentality is totally incorrect because exercise is the most essential part of our life which keeps us both mentally and physically active and fit. If you are not able to afford the expenses of a gym, it’s not a big issue as there are a lot of such exercises that you can carry out without have those fancy equipments. You can practice such exercises at your home too. So we are going to discuss with you about a few of such exercises.

  • Walk or jogging: walk or jogging early in the morning is one of the most essential exercises which keep us healthy and active. It releases our stress and helps you in losing weight. You can go to a nearby park for walking or jogging (do not jog if you are physically thin or skinny because it will further decrease your weight). In case there is no park nearby your house you can do the same in your house or if you have stairs you can go up and down for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Pushups: Pushups will help you to build up muscles in your chest area and your arms. Although many people find it difficult to do but by doing this exercise your body will take a shape which looks attractive. There is also no need to carry out the exercise in a hard way like you keep your legs straight and doing it in a difficult way; you can also do it on your knees or by keeping your hands on wall if you are doing it initially.
  • Crunches: Crunches will strengthen and build up your abdominal muscles. It is a bit difficult exercise but initially do not worry of all the way lifting your head up. As you goes up you will feel the stretching in your muscles and finally it will also give some good results.
  • Leg lifts: leg lifts are very important as they strengthen your legs and built up muscles in them. As initially all exercise seems to be hard but slowly when you get used to it, there will be no difficulty.
  • Pull-ups: pull-ups will build up the area of your chest, your arms and a bit of your shoulders. Pull-ups are an all-in-one exercise as it builds up various parts of our body.
  • Dancing: Dancing is good for heart and is a great exercise. It also gives you an overall boost in your feelings as well as it will also lift your spirit.

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How To Do Exercise At Home Without Equipment

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